About Us


The name of Asal’Ka in derived from the Somali translation for the word “Origin”, taking inspiration and using ingredients from the many corners & places in the world to create a product that is unique and resembles the true values of its local heritage & people.

We are a specialist fragrance house based Sheffield in Great Britain, and currently making perfumes, diffusers  and candles inspired the landscape of frankincense and myrrh. Everything is made by hand, in small batches.

Our aim is to provide a sense of everyday luxury that everyone can enjoy, whatever their motivation. We are committed in assisting you to take responsibility of health and wellbeing by having access a wide range of beautiful handmade resins and fragrance products. We are proud to say we develop, design and hand made all our products here in Britain.

Being an eco-friendly company in Sheffield, you can rest assured everything is hand made, by us, with care for our environment and local landscape.